International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates Human Rights Committee

 In March 1998 The Federal Assembly of Russian Federation adopted the European Convention on Human Rights and Basic Freedoms.

According to article 46 of the Constitution of Russian Federation everyone now can apply for European Court on Human Rights in case of violation of rights and freedoms - if all appropriate extra state means of legal protection have been exceeded.

The European Court accepts personal pleas, pleas proceeding from non-governmental organizations or from any group of individuals claiming themselves victims of violation of rights guaranteed by the European Convention and by its protocols. The European Court may examine a case only after all the internal means of protection corresponding to the fully recognized international rules and procedures have been exceeded. Any case is due to be examined during six months since the date of final decision made by national authorities.

The Court doesn't accept anonymous appeals and pleas alike to those already examined by the Court or subject of any other procedure of international legal examination and also in case they don't contain new facts.

The Court declares unacceptable any individual appeal if it's incompatible with the provisions of the Convention, obviously ill substantiated or illegal.

According to the Protocol 11 of the Convention, the European Court declines any appeal in case it's considered unacceptable from the point of view of the aforesaid features, reserving the right of declination at any stage of examination.

In order to study the regulations and practice of the European Court on Human Rights, order and procedures of pleading, the forms of appeals, the contents of formal requisitions, etc, the Presidium of International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates send a group of advocates to Strasbourg. They'll participate in the activities of International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates Human Rights Committee aiding advocates, particular persons and non-governmental organizations wishing to appeal to the European Court and counseling them while the examination in European Court takes place.

Mr. Alexey A. Rogatkin has been appointed as Chairman of the Committee. 


The chief administrative organ of Union — Presidium — acting on permanent basis is established in Moscow, Russia with the following address:
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