International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates

The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates (abbr. The IU(C)A) is a kind of public organization — an international non-governmental noncommercial public association.

The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates was educated in 1992 as a result of reorganization of the Union of Advocates of the USSR with support of lawyers of nine states — the former federal republics.

Main objectives of the International Commonwealth of Advocates are solving a problem of establishment and development of the external relations of the international legal organizations (associations), forming of significant organizational part of world civil society, and also positioning of lawyers at the international level as the independent force that is necessary to be considered.

The international Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates works in the directions most demanded in modern lawyers' community:

— cooperation with international, national, regional unions, associations and with other public non-profit organizations of lawyers;
— communicative mediation activity;
— forming of information resources in the field of legal profession and lawyers' activity;
— studying and distribution of experience of leading lawyers of the world;
— organization of the international seminars, congresses and conferences;
— participation in conferences, seminars, sessions, meetings organized by joint lawyers' international associations;
— assistance to sharing the experience of lawyers of different countries;
— organization of an exchange of delegations of lawyers between noncommercial associations of lawyers of the different countries and regions;
— carrying out independent public legal examination of laws according to the appeal of government bodies and public organizations, assistance to development of the legislation on lawyer activity and legal profession;
— protection of rights and freedoms, honor and dignity of its members.

The range of activities of the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates extends constantly. In particular, currently the idea of creation of Association of lawyers of the foreign law of the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates develops actively and realizes (see. The IU(C)A Memorandum, Meeting of lawyers — foreign affairs specialists, July, 2011).

Now the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates unites lawyers of CIS countries: the Armenia Republic, Republic of Byelorussia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Republic of Moldova, and also lawyers and lawyer formations of the regions of the Russian Federation.

The International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates, being the international non-governmental non-profit public organization registered in Russia, has the branches, representations and offices in the majority of the republics of the former USSR, and also, in Switzerland, Germany in which the legal aid appears not only according to the high international quality standards, but that isn’t less important, with understanding of local specifics of the territory of location, thereby, making a noticeable contribution to development of the international lawyer community.

The IU(C)A has a number of lawyers of England, France, Germany, Norway, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Latvia, Switzerland. The member of the IU(C)A is the Interrepublican Bar of the city of Moscow.

The IU(C)A actively cooperates with Council of the Russian Federation, with Association of International law, Institute of the state and the right of the Russian Federation, with other legal institutes and the organizations, and also with associations of lawyers of the USA, France, Germany, Norway and Israel, with Legal Society of England and Wales.

The international Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates also is the collective member of the International Bar Association.

The international Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates has its own information resources: Lawyer newspaper, official site of the IU(C)A
During the existence the IU(C)A published considerable number of books with speeches of the famous lawyers, directories, manuals, published collections of articles.

Since 1994 the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates is the organizer of the international scientific and practical conferences and the seminars, that take place two times a year, thereby, the IU(C)A gives an exclusive opportunity to lawyers, its members to increase the professional knowledge, to broaden legal horizons, to share experience with colleagues and to establish useful relations of business cooperation in world legal community.

More than that, the IU(C)A takes active part in similar events by the invitation of the foreign colleagues.

2012 is marked by a big event — the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates celebrates 20-year anniversary of its faultless activity.

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